Dump Truck

Caton Landfill prides itself on having the lowest price in the Pacific Northwest. Being family owned gives us the flexibility to work with you to keep your cost low on your demolition needs. For the cost you're spending on taking your demolition to your local landfill, you could be saving a sufficient amount by bringing it to us.

We don't want you to leave with an empty truck, as the Landfill also has excellent rock free Topsoil and Subsoil for sale. Our soil is free of any DDT residue and lead arsenic. It has been hauled and placed around many school yards in Yakima County as well as new homes and businesses. Nurseries, Landscapers, Truck Drivers and Contractors are telling us it is the best Topsoil they have ever used. It doesn't have to be screened. Soil tests provided upon request. Come check it out for yourself!

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